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At Trivia, we help you get solutions to most of your web queries. Talking about which we are here to guide you with your trademark requirements with the expert Mr. Akshay Vyas. In order to identify a company’s goods and services from those of competitors, trademarks are often names, words, phrases, logos, symbols, or combinations of these. A trademark may also be employed in marketing campaigns to raise consumer awareness of a business’s goods or services.

A trademark is the intellectual property of the person who owns it, and ownership of a it results from its commercial use.

Trademark Registration and Process
A corporation or individual should register their trademark in order to fully own it and to prevent any other person or business entity from misusing it. The owner only has the legal ability to sue for trademark infringement if it is registered.

The entire registration process is done online and takes between nine and twelve months. The Trademark Registry (TM Registry) application must first be submitted in order to receive an acknowledgment.

After submitting a trademark registration application, the sign (TM) may be used with a name or brand. The symbol ® can be used after registration.

We are proud to have Akshay for the expert consultancy he is a lawyer with a Bachelor in Commerce (Honors) and Bachelor of Law, 5 years of integrated law from J. H. Vasoya Department of Law from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. Practicing since 2018 and enrolled with the Bar Council of Gujarat. Akshay holds vast experience in the Legal-field and seeks to take up opportunities to learn and grow with experience in various ambits of the law. As an Advocate, he is responsibly accepting briefs, makes honest disclosures, gives ship-shape legal advice, & maintains client confidentiality.
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